We are creating opportunities for those left behind. Based in the New York area, The Nanoom House strives to serve the homeless population and support their journey to independence. We work closely with Korean American communities, bridging the gap and providing the infrastructure for them to rise. Our services span food, shelter, clothing, educational resources, counseling, social services, and much more. It’s giving them a sense of normalcy, creating a routine so they can get back on their feet. Rather than keep people dependent, our resources connect them to channels through which they can grow. Soon going over 10 years, we’re creating opportunities for hundreds of homeless people with your support. 


Our vision is to end homelessness. We believe everyone has a human right to safe housing. We work collaboratively with our community to reinforce leadership and direct solutions. Our proactive efforts put community members in a good position for lifelong rehabilitation. It’s setting the infrastructure for them to fall to. A warm, safe haven today so stay off the streets tomorrow. 


Our mission is to assimilate the homeless population back into society. At The Nanoom House, we’re all about rehabilitation. As a forward thinking organization, we tackle the problem at its root. We work to not only provide resources, but solutions that get people connected to the community. The more involved they are, the less likely they are to revert. It’s being a part of something bigger to stay off the streets. We change the narrative of housing insecurity being a “type” of person problem and see it as a systematic issue.